Kama Lee Jackson  B.J., B. HSc. (Hons) midwifery

Meet Kama

After earning her BA of Health Sciences degree as a midwife, Kama turned in her pager and launched Bloom, her passion project.  While teaching prenatal classes at Riverdale Community Midwives, she found women were feeling unsure about themselves, the ‘system’,  the birth process, and life with a baby.  She wants to change that and for everyone to believe in their own strength.  She dreams of  a society in which parents no longer feel anxious about pregnancy, labour, birth, parenthood, and breastfeeding – a time when families can truly bloom.

Kama is also a writer, using her BA in Journalism and personal experiences to write articles about parenting, birth, mental health, dating, and the general rodeo of life for various publications and her own blog.

Things she loves besides writing, birth and its powers: her spunky and hilarious kids, interior design (mid-century modern, oh my!), furniture upcycling and creation, graphic design and fonts (nerd), and good grammar (Oxford comma? yes, yes, and yes).

knowledge, empowerment, confidence

(or, the way we see things)

Pregnancy is a state of health and an incredible transformative period in a woman’s life. It is not an ailment to be be handled or treated, but an experience to be nourished, nurtured, guided, and valued.  It is something our bodies and spirits were made to do.  However, we play so many roles and there is pressure to excel at all of them – and most of the pressure comes from within. Most of us aren’t so great at taking care of ourselves from the inside.  Doubt and anxiety have a way of infiltrating. So, it can be difficult to find that place in ourselves where we believe labour, birth, and parenthood are things we are meant to do.

At Bloom, we will ease the anxiety of pregnancy, labour and birth, and parenthood. We will give you the knowledge you need to feel empowered and confident in your choices and in yourself.  And, you know what else?  We’ll tell you the beautiful, gory, glorious, and ugly truth about everything. No secrets, no sugar coating, no pressure to love every second of this crazy time in your life.

Our classes are guided by the following philosophies:

informed choice 
You have the right to make your own healthcare choices based on information given to you and your own experiences.

every labour and birth experience is personal and unique 
What makes sense for one person might not for someone else.  There is no one ‘right’ decision that fits everyone.

village of care 
Your birth partner is a key part of the labour and birth process. We pay special attention to their feelings, concerns, and role during labour.

be the reed 
Labour and birth can be unpredictable. We’ll prepare mentally and emotionally how to go with the flow and be a ‘reed in the wind,’ grounded but flexible.

you are more than your pregnancy
As an experience, pregnancy is the sum of many parts and not just about your physical well-being and that of your growing fetus are essential, a woman’s emotional, mental, and social well-being all play a critical role in a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.